Small Business Networks

Small Business NetworksSmall Business Technologies has the experience and flexibility to provide a network that can range from a small office to a city-wide secure network. Let us help you with your network needs, from local office networks to remote office connectivity and remote access

Local Area Networks (LAN’s) – Allows you to share resources such as Internet connectivity, laser printers, files, scanners, plotters, etc. An installation of a local area network increases your company’s accessibility and productivity. Also, a local area network enables your company to eliminate slow, unreliable, and expensive dialup connections. We offer both wired and wireless networks.

Wired Local Area Networks (LAN) – We offer full installation of wired local area networks, including all switching and cabling. This is the most widely used method, as regular phone lines can often be installed along with the Ethernet connectivity.

Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) – A wireless local area network offers your company the freedom and flexibility of a conventional local area network without the constraints of physical wiring. We offer custom wired, wireless, and meshed solutions to fit your business needs exactly.

Wide Area Network (WAN) – A wide area network connects multiple offices and multiple remote users into one secure office. This allows you and your employees to be anywhere at anytime with access to the tools and resources your company pays for. We can work with an existing WAN to secure your data, or build your network entirely. The most important feature of a wide area network is security, and that is why security is integral to every project we undergo.